This High Pressure Washer Pump covers a Cat pump, Nozzle, Lance, Feed tank, Portable trolley, Motor, High-pressure fitting, and pipes. High Pressure Technology, As per its name washing always needs pressure, and when we talk of high pressure they’re the advantage of high pressure with low flow and high cleaning impact. It can be used to wash Floors, Bins, and Food machines in a proper way.

When water goes with high pressure it impacts and low flow will help in cleaning so there is no wastage of water and cleaning is proper and easy to move anywhere we want. It blasts dirt or any sticky material away with a high-pressure stream of hot or cold water.


High Pressure Washer Pump


Pistons, Plungers, or diaphragms work on the reciprocating motion.

Screws, Gears, Vanes, or lobes work on the rotary motion.

The reciprocating category includes all High-pressure pumps that employ Pistons or Plungers to provide energy to the water. The piston and plunger pumps vary primarily in two ways. The cylinder seal is coupled to the piston of the piston pump, so it moves with it on each stroke.

The cylinder seal is stationary in the plunger pump, and the piston travels through it with each stroke. A driving shaft is connected to the connecting rod and then further to the piston or plunger rod and then finally to the piston and plunger which drives the Piston and Plunger.


The most cost-effective High Pressure Washer Pumps are wobble pressure washer pumps. They are, nevertheless, recognized for being the lightest-duty washer pumps. A wobbling High Pressure Washer Pump should last between 200 and 400 hours on average. Because the pump needs to work to resist water and the two springs, a wobbling pump is less efficient than the others. Wobble pumps aren’t usually repairable.

A wobbling plate linked to the driving shaft is used to push pistons back and forth, causing suction and subsequently releasing the water. Each piston has a big spring that allows the wobbling plate to press against it. Because it needs to push against the water and the springs, the pump is only 70 percent efficient. Wobble high pressure washer pumps are not cost-effective to repair since they include several sophisticated elements in difficult-to-reach locations and are sealed shut before leaving the manufacturer.

USED IN: Low-flow pressure washers with less than 2500 PSI (less than 2 GPM).

PROS: There are no seals that move back and forth with the piston, it is self-priming, it may run dry, and it can generate high pressures.

CONS: There are a lot of moving elements, which adds to the complexity and slows down the flow. Economically, it is impossible to replace. Other pumps are more efficient.


Axial pumps are an upgrade over Wobble pumps in terms of design and endurance, as well as increased versatility in terms of GPM output and PSI. Axial High Pressure Washer Pumps are the industry standard for household and commercial pumps.

An axial pump would typically survive 2-3 times longer than a Wobble pump, equating to 500 to 800 hours of additional usage. Despite the fact that Axial pumps are more durable than wobbling pumps, they nevertheless have greater friction than Triplex pumps.

Swash Plate Pump (Axial Cam) is a mid-level pump with numerous benefits over wobbling, including greater PSI and GPM. The swashplate angle causes the pistons to stroke as they suck in water on one side and then push it out on the other. The technique enables a larger oil reservoir as well as larger bearings, which extends the life of the machine. Because it is directly attached to the driving shaft, it rotates on the same axis.

USED IN: Pressure washers with a maximum pressure of less than 3500 PSI.

PROS: It’s small, light, and portable. The swashplate angle may be adjusted to control the flow. It’s self-priming. Wobble has a shorter life span and is less efficient.

CONS: Because the cylinders are revolving, it runs at engine speed (read: high speed) and can’t be as readily cooled as a triplex pump. The cylinder seal is located on the piston head and wears out with each stroke. If not correctly balanced, rotating mass might create excessive vibration.


High Pressure Washer Pump

In comparison to Axial and Wobble pumps, Triplex High Pressure Washer Pumps are more long-lasting. They also have the largest GPM output and PSI versatility, enabling greater PSI and GPM setups. They can also be repaired. A Triplex pump may easily outlast an axial pump by ten times. A crankshaft drives pistons to pull in and push out water in the triplex pump.

Triplex pumps are used by professional-level pumps because they can produce extremely high pressure and can run for thousands of hours without needing to be serviced. They are approximately 90% efficient and run at a lower rpm than the engine, so they are cooler. The pistons of a triplex (3-pistons) plunger pump stroke 120 degrees apart to provide steady flow throughout the crankshaft’s rotation.

USED IN: Most pressure washers with a pressure higher than 3000 PSI and more also.

PROS: Extremely effective. A stationary seal has a longer life, is less prone to leaks, and can withstand considerably greater pressures. Lowering the running speed helps it to operate cooler, which extends the life of the machine.

CONS: The purchase cost is higher.


Pressure testing, Cold cutting, Paint removal from any steel structure, Paint removal from ballast tanks, Paint removal from ships, Paint removal from oil tanks, Cutting and demolition of concrete, Removal of white and yellow road lines, Pipe cleaning, Misting, Dust suppression, Odour control, Humidity control, Co2 pumping and a variety of other applications in a variety of industries can all be done with these pumps.

Positive displacement pumps include High Pressure Plunger Pumps and High Pressure Piston Pumps. These pumps can run continuously, but they need the whole pump flow to be discharged or a portion of the flow to be bypassed through the pressure relief valves. A part of the bypass flow is typically recycled to the water supply tank, but it can also be recycled to the pump input side.


After pickling, the layer of pickling acids and salts that clings to the stainless-steel surface must be removed. If they are not removed, they might cause corrosion even beneath coatings. If the film dries, it might be difficult to remove, thus it must be cleaned very away. A High Pressure Washer Pump is a sophisticated, rapid, cost-effective, and environmentally safe way of cleaning acid.


Oil and grease stains on concrete, Asphalt, and other paved surfaces may be hazardous to the environment as well as to people. Even the worst cases of oil and grease stains may be defeated by a potent mix of high-heat-pressure cleaners and specially designed degreasers. Because of the high heat involved, high-pressure hot water cleaning washers with steam washers are the most effective instruments for grease removal. Temperatures exceeding 180 degrees Fahrenheit aid in the removal of oil from the surface. High heat also enhances chemical solutions’ capacity to dissolve and emulsify grease and oil, allowing them to be flushed off the surface.

Pressure washers get their cleaning power from the force with which water is propelled through a restricted nozzle. Coldwater can remove dirt, debris, and other biological stains from many surfaces due to the shear strength of pressure washing, but oil and grease removal requires high heat as well.


This High Pressure Washer Pump cleans better in a fraction of the time it takes to clean with traditional techniques. The high-pressure washer pump saves money by obviating the need for some specialized cleaning solutions and the time spent soaking in them. It also saves money due to its low maintenance, and consistent operation.

This overhaul is a lengthy procedure in which every component of the engine is thoroughly examined and rebuilt. Given the high expense of an Aircraft engine, the highest level of maintenance is required. In preparation for overhaul, an engine is entirely dismantled and may go through multiple cleaning operations. Kerosene fuel is used in these engines. To remove the carbon buildup from the kerosene fuel, a soap solution, and a High Pressure Washer Pump are utilized.


Cleaning Poultry farms using a High Pressure Washer Pump makes practically every form of cleaning easier, and poultry farms are no exception. Poultry farms must maintain a specific degree of cleanliness to ensure that the birds are free of disease and can be safely utilized for food. To maintain the regions as clean as possible, bird droppings, dirt, and garbage must be removed. Using a high pressure washer pump to clean poultry farms might make the job a lot simpler. Using a hot water pressure washer and safe pressure washer chemicals and detergents to pressure clean poultry farms may provide you with the equipment you need to blast away Filth, Grime, and Debris.


High Pressure Washer Pumps and Systems are designed and built to the highest quality requirements by Cat Pumps with Kiron Hydraulic Needs Private Limited. Cat pumps come with 9 lives means their high- and low-pressure seals come with 9 times more life than other Plungers and Piston pumps. Cat pumps are suitable for 24*7 running operations. Easy and trouble-free maintenance. Every design aspect has been tuned for product longevity and dependability. Every product is ready for trouble-free service straight out of the box thanks to precision machining, Precise tolerances, and World-class process capabilities.

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