Procon Pumps

Procon Pump History

For more than fifty years, Procon Pumps has been making really good pumps that people can rely on. Since 1950, our carefully made pumps have been a standard for how well they work and how much they’re worth in the industries we serve.

Procon Pumps sells new pumps to both manufacturers and users. These pumps are used in systems that move clean liquids at pressures up to 250 pounds per square inch (psi) and a flow of up to 11 gallons per minute. Procon Pumps Products makes six different styles of pumps, ranging in how much liquid they can move from 15 to 660 gallons per hour. You can get these pumps made of brass or stainless steel.

Salient Features

  • Flow available from 50 lph to 2000 lph
  • Maximum pressure up to 250 psi (17 kg/cm²)
  • Integral strainer available in all models of Series 1
  • Relief valve available in all models  (up to 265 gph pump)
  • Available in Bolt-on and clamp-on type models
  • NSF-certified models for food and beverage application
  • Very low pump noise while running
  • Available in Brass & Stainless Steel  body/casing and
  • We can supply the required electric induction motor (0.25HP to 2HP) for the Procon Pumps.

Procon Pumps Advantage

TECHNOLOGY: It’s a Positive Displacement pump.  Pressure and flow are independent. Hence, the flow is maintained well, even if there is a change in operational pressure.

COMPACT DESIGN:  Easy to carry, Easy to handle, and easy to install.  Can bring the pump in hand or two-wheeler and no special transportation is required.

SAVES POWER: Save up to 50% on power consumption when compared to a centrifugal-type pump.

SAVES SPACE: Very compact design, hence very less space required; and

SERVICEABILITY:  Procon Pumps’ original spare parts are available in ready stock to service your pump without any delay.

Product Range

  • Rotary Vane Pumps
  • Mag Drive Pumps
  • Micro Vane Pumps
  • Gear Pumps

Ideal For Following Applications

Material Of Construction

  • Available with Brass and SS MOC contact us for more products.
  • Other M.O.C is available on request.


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