Misting and Humidification

Misting and Humidification systems (or fogging systems) play an important role in greenhouse climate control. Misting and Humidification systems are also used with great advantages in maintaining the right temperature and humidity in the environment, in conditions of forced or natural ventilation.

In summer, the rapid evaporation of fog cools the greenhouse using the principle of evaporative cooling, while humidifying the environment at low relative humidity. During the winter, the system maintains the right humidity level to prevent dehydration of crops caused by heating.

The environment created by our system is suitable for the most delicate crops (e.g., young seedlings, tropical plants, and flowering plants) where traditional spraying methods cannot be used. As standard spray. The very low cost of our systems is an important aspect of greenhouse fogging when compared to other solutions for climate control.

Low energy costs, and simple and quick installation, as the systems are offered in various DIY solutions or kits or through simple quick-connect solutions. Our systems are designed to operate at a very low cost and with minimal maintenance.

Humidity is a measure of the amount of water vapor present in the air. The volume of water vapor that can be retained in the air can vary greatly with temperature and pressure; Warm air can contain more water vapor than cold air. For this reason, humidity is often expressed as relative humidity (RH), which is the actual amount of water vapor in the air relative to what the air is capable of holding under environmental conditions (temperature and pressure) current time

Low humidity is a major factor in the natural evaporation of wine, resulting in a loss of quality and money, not just in terms of production time and labor” As a result of having to refill the wine barrel. In addition, wooden crates are easy to lose water in terms of external structure, and at the same time reduce quality and efficiency.

Our humidification systems solve all these problems naturally and economically by regulating the humidity in the cellar and maintaining its temperature. The water ejected by the spray system is sprayed with a special patented nozzle capable of producing fine droplets less than 510 microns in diameter, which are immediately absorbed by the air without wetting.

Everything and below the surface. The result is remarkable: the crates remain effective for longer, preserving the quality of the wood, allowing for excellent production, and preventing the natural evaporation of the product. They allow savings to the point where the system will repay the investment within a few months.

Our Misting and Humidification system restores moisture levels to an optimum value, prevents dehydration, and keeps food fresh longer. Our Misting and Humidification system periodically emits extremely light water mist directly onto the product, usually once every 5 seconds every 1015 minutes.

Due to their microscopic size, these water droplets evaporate without getting wet, retaining moisture and freshness in the surrounding air, reducing water loss, and maintaining the weight and condition of the product. Our systems are the most effective solution for maintaining precise moisture content in materials and processes. Different relative humidity levels provide adequate humidity in all hygroscopic materials. Moisture requirements vary widely between materials.


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