Installation And Support

Onsite Installation And Support Of Pumps

1. To check the pumps and their accessories and make sure that everything has been included in the delivery and that no damage has taken place during transit.
2. Executing proper and adequate on-site transports of equipment to the pump foundation.
3. Getting the pumps ready for operation.

Checklist And Check All Things Before Running Pumps

1. To check that all the equipment is installed properly.
2. Guiding the client regarding the functions and handling of the pumps and/or systems.”.
3. Assuring that piping connections are laid without exposing them to any stresses or strains.

Onsite Service Support

1. We care about our people by giving them exceptional client services.
The assistance that we provide is designed to directly benefit the clients we work with.
2. Resolve a technical issue rapidly, by providing our highly skilled technician there for you in just one call.

Determination Of Failure Causes, Damage Analysis, And Assessment

1. We focus on the systematic processes in fault investigation of engineering components and structures.
2. The mechanical design analysis enacts the cause of collapse based on stress calculations using the power of materials approach.
3. The procedures are exhibited in performing failure reasoning.


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