Cheonsei Pumps


  • CHEONSEI PUMPS Establishment in 1980.
  • Awarding from the minister of Environment Minister in 1993.
  • Acquirement of KT mark (Precise manufacturing technology for small diaphragm pump) in 1994.
  • Cheonsei Pumps Establishment of pumping technology labs. A development of KEMPTON KP plunger type metering pump in 1997.
  • Acquirement of KS A/ISO 9001 mark in  1988.
  • Development of pH/ORP Controller Master-P series. And the development of the KEMPION KH hydraulic metering pump in 1999.
  • A development of AOD (Air Operated Diaphragm) pumps in 2000.
  • The development of precise”Non-Pulsation” metering pumps in 2001.
  • Acquirement of KT Mark (Non-Pulsation Technology of Metering Pumps which apply Uniform Velocity Cam in 2002.
  • A development of BLDC Automatic Liquid Control Metering Pumps(120W Class) in 2003.
  • Acquirement of CE Mark (AX, KS Series) in 2005.
  • Acquirement of NEP (New Excellent Products) Certificate for Plunger Type Pulseless Metering Pumps from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy in 2006.


Liquid Poof Liquid Ends

  • The liquid ends are made of special engineering plastic materials of superior chemical resistance and mechanical rigidity.
  • PRR: Reinforced Polypropylene.
  • FRR: Fluoroplastic.

Easy Dial Setting

  • Volume capacity can be easily adjusted by a dial and located by a stop bolt without distributing pump operation.

Accessories Available

There are additional high-performance accessories available for convenient applications.

  • Anti-siphon check valves.
  • Foot valve with strainer.
  • Flange connections, tees, elbows.

Precise Valve Construction

  • Check valves of precise dimensions and construction.

Gas locking prevention

  • Liquid end design minimizes dead space.
  • Air relief can be provided for vaporous liquid.

Application of multiplex head

  • You can use the multiplex pump for the injection of different liquids or for the extension of discharge volume.
  • The triplex pump of the same head can be a pulseless pump.
  • A combination of large and small heads can be a fine discharge control pump.
  • Ratio control becomes possible for various chemicals.

Diaphragm Metering Pumps KD Series

  • Reciprocating Type Diaphragm Metering Pumps by using Eccentric Cam.
  • Gentrified quality: Excellent product component manufactured by precision injection mold.
  • Leakproof driving part by accurate design & durable part manufactured by wide experience.
  • Simple installation & Easy maintenance.

Solenoid Metering Pumps SP Series

  • Solenoid-driven Electronic Diaphragm Metering Pumps.
  • Precise injection and flow control by the dual control of Stroke Length & Stroke Numbers.
  • The operation status can be checked with Status Lamp(LED).
  • Sealing and Accuracy are improved by doubling the Check Valves.
  • Can cope with difficult environments by robust IP65 Class and casing material of chemical resistance.
  • Various auto-control functions.

Small Metering Pumps KS Series

  • Small Size Diaphragm Metering Pumps.
  • Built-in thermal protector.
  • Air relief valve.
  • Strainer Foot Valve and Anti Siphon Check Valve.
  • Double Check valve.

Automatic Control Metering Pumps KA Series

  • Automatic Control Diaphragm Metering Pumps.
  • Attaching high-efficiency BLDC motor.
  • Compact & Lightweight design.
  • Oilless structure.

Drum Pumps DR Series

  • Centrifugal pumps for transferring and dividing liquid in Drum (Container).
  • Removing unstable elements of pump performance with sealless structure.
  • Maintenance costs can be reduced remarkably due to the robust design against the indeliberate dry run for a short period. (Max. 15 minutes)
    Preventing motor damage by installing of dual safety device in the motor.
  • High-strength material for preventing impact and strong chemical resistance material is applied to the motor casing.
  • Transferring various chemicals and raw materials.

Medium Size Metering Pumps KM Series

  • Medium Size Diaphragm Metering Pumps.
  • Economic and compact design.
  • Excellent durability in long-time operation by the way of oil bath lubricating type.
  • Less noise with reduction using helical gear.


  • Flows from 4 ml/min to 54000 ml/min
  • Pressure up to 225 BAR
  • Viscosities from 1200 cP
  • Accuracy range +- 2-3 %


  • Power generation plant: Remover for desulfurization and denitrification, the hydrazine injection process.
  • Display materials: Coating process of film membrane.
  • Foods: Metering injection of food flavoring.
  • Paints: Supplying paints for high-pressure spray equipment.
  • Medical Products: Proportional injection of raw material for the manufacturing process of a pharmaceutical product.
  • Water Treatment: Wastewater treatment, Injection of Acid, Alkali counteragent.
  • For the injection of boiler compounds.
  • For chemical injection in various industrial fields, including the petrochemical industry, food industry, &, etc.
  • Used for injection of Boiler chemicals, Chlorine Disinfectants, & Food Additives, and used for dosing chemicals in various industrial fields, including physio-chemical fields, semiconductor devices, water treatment, wastewater treatment fields, &, etc.
  • To transfer and small divide in plating factory, chemistry factory, and chemicals warehouse.
  • To transfer and refurnish chemicals in the workshop of the metal factory and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • To fill chemicals in laboratory or hospital.
  • To transport chemicals from the drum to the tank in electric power company and public office.
  • To subdivide or transport organic, inorganic chemicals, and high-viscosity chemicals from drum/container/pail.


  • Material Cheonsei offered
  • Liquid end material PP, PVDF, SUS.
  • Other M.O.C is available on request.


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