Gemme Cotti


  • GemmeCotti Srl has been producing pumps for acids and dangerous liquids since 1992.
  • A wide range of products includes magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, mag-drive turbine pumps, mag-drive vane pumps, vertical pumps, and mechanical seal pumps.
  • Our pumps are manufactured in thermoplastic materials (PP or PVDF) or metallic materials (AISI 316).


  • Why a magnetic seal-less Pump?
    A magnetic drive pump is seamless, preventing any leakage that is normally associated with a conventional seal pump. Not only does the absence of a seal prevent the leakage of potentially dangerous and expensive liquids, but it also reduces maintenance time spent on the pump. In any magnetic drive pump, there are only two moving parts, the drive magnet, and the impeller. With only two moving parts, there is little to break in the pump. The simpler the pump, the less chance there is for failure. A magnetic drive pump is your answer for a long-life, dependable, reliable pump.
  •  Leakproof, No maintenance associated with seal wear.
  • Transferring hazardous and corrosive chemicals is easy with non-Metallic sealless pumps.
  • The coupling is very easy because there is no need for a motor/pump alignment.
  • Atex-certified pumps.
  • Vertical thermoplastic material column-mounted pump with a shaft length of up to 2000 mm available.
  • Vertical thermoplastic material column-mounted pump containing solid in suspension shaft length up to 1000 mm available.
  • Gemme Cotti also offers a pump that can handle entrapped gases up to 20%.
  • Can handle max. The viscosity of 200 casts.
  • A dry run protection device is also available which is very helpful in truck chemical unloading applications.
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump available in SS316, Titanium, and Hastelloy.


  • GemmeCotti offers a max flow of up to 130 m3/hr. And max head up to 50 meters.
  • Materials offered PP and PVDF
  • Product range temperature Max.  for PP +70 Deg. C  and PVDF +90 Deg. C.


  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Galvanic Industry
  • Detergents
  • Water Treatment
  • Air Treatments
  • Biofuel
  • Textile Industry
  • PCB Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Bottling companies
  • Oil & Gas
  • Aquarium
  • Fertilizer Production
  • Thermoregulation Process


  • GemmeCotti offers max flow up to 130 m3/hr. And max head upto 50 meters.
  • Materials offered PP and PVDF
  • other M.O.C is available on request.


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