Gear pumps


A positive displacement pump is a Gear pump. It transfers fluid by continually enclosing a defined volume with interlocking cogs or gears and mechanically transferring it via a cyclic pumping motion. It produces a smooth, pulse-free flow that is proportionate to the rotational speed of its gears. A gear pump transfers fluid by enclosing a set volume inside interlocking cogs or gears and physically transferring it to give a smooth, pulse-free flow proportionate to the rotating speed of its gears.



A Process Pump is a device for lifting, transferring, or increasing the pressure of a fluid or for removing gas from an enclosed area to generate a vacuum, which consists of a revolving component called an impeller inside a casing. The liquid to be pushed enters the casing near the impeller’s shaft. The fluid is accelerated by vanes attached to the rotating impeller, allowing it to pass through an outlet.

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