Centrifugal Pump

A Centrifugal pump is a type of pump that uses centrifugal force to move fluids. Despite sounding complex, it’s quite simple. It has a rotating part called an impeller that helps increase the fluid’s speed. This pump is commonly used in various industries to convert mechanical energy into kinetic energy, creating pressure to push out the fluid. If you need a reliable centrifugal pump in India, you can check out Kiron Hydraulic Needs. Now, let’s break down its main components: the volute and the impeller. The volute turns kinetic energy into pressure, while the impeller, the rotating part, converts energy from the engine into kinetic energy.


Centrifugal force is the power produced by something that’s spinning. In a centrifugal pump, this force happens when liquid gets into the pump and reaches the impeller’s centre. Turning on the pump makes the impeller spin. As it spins, it puts pressure on the liquid, making it move faster. The liquid then comes out from the impeller’s centre, and the spinning force helps it gain more strength. This kind of pump is excellent for pumping water. To get a good and long-lasting pump, you should look for trustworthy Centrifugal Pump Distributors.


Centrifugal pumps are used to move liquid from low places to high places. They work by changing the spinning energy into movement energy with the help of a motor. The pump has two main parts: the impeller, which spins, and the casing, which stays still and surrounds the impeller.


A multistage centrifugal pump is a type of pump that’s similar to other centrifugal pumps but has some mechanical differences. The key feature is the presence of two or more impellers, which can be on the same shaft or inside a common shaft. The size of the shaft may vary depending on the pump’s mechanical requirements. These pumps are designed to handle a large amount of water. Besides multistage centrifugal pumps, you can also find two-stage and single-stage centrifugal pumps in India. If you’re looking to buy centrifugal pumps, Kiron Hydraulic Needs is a trustworthy option with a long history in the electromechanical device field. They not only provide quality products but also offer excellent services to their customers.


Centrifugal pumps are versatile and easy to use, making them ideal for various industrial uses such as agriculture, irrigation, petroleum and chemicals, food processing, beverages, cosmetics manufacturing, power generation, wastewater treatment, oil refineries, boiler feed applications, pharmaceuticals, and more. These pumps are especially useful in situations where there’s little or no need for suction lift. Apart from industrial uses, they are commonly used in homes for pumping municipal water. The design of centrifugal pumps also makes them suitable for handling slurries, sewage, and liquids with high viscosity, making them valuable in food and beverage applications, milk processing, dairy industries, and similar settings.


Chemical Processing Industries

Used in making paints, cellulose, petrochemicals, and more.

Mining Industries

Serve as froth pumps to separate minerals from sand and clay.

Booster Pumps

Help increase pressure in pipelines automatically during specific periods.

Daily Water Pumps

Transfer water for everyday use, suitable for pneumatic and overhead water systems with suction lifts to 15 feet.

Fire Protection Systems

Used for circulating hot water in closed systems due to their flexibility and low head.

Sump Drainage

Applied in sewage systems to drain slurry and sewage, with the flexibility to be mounted vertically or horizontally based on needs.


Cat Pumps, in Association with Kiron Hydraulic Needs, provides a range of centrifugal pumps that complement their piston and plunger pump products. These pumps are designed for high-flow, low-pressure pumping requirements. The pump housings are crafted from bulge-formed 304 stainless steel, offering strength, lightness, durability, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional cast iron pumps.

With over 100 models available, you can choose options such as manual or automatic float (submersible), chemical-resistant or high-temperature seals, and flanged or NPT fittings. The pumps can be customized with various motor options, including single or three-phase, ODP or TEFC, 50 or 60 Hz, and up to 575 volts, with speeds of 1750 or 3450 RPM.

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