Car And Truck Washing

Choosing a good car and truck washing for your vehicle is important because your vehicle is valuable to you. Kiron Hydraulic Needs is a top manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure car and truck washers in India. We offer a wide range of washers for different needs, from light to heavy-duty washing.

Our car and truck washing pumps come in various capacities and pressures, suitable for washing cars, trucks, and other vehicles. We provide all the necessary accessories like high-pressure hoses, trigger guns, relief valves, and adjustable nozzles.

Our pumps use advanced technology, making them some of the best in the market. They’re appreciated by many customers across India for their great performance and reliability.

The washing pumps we offer have different parts, including a water inlet, motor, pump, high-pressure hose, and outlet. These pumps mix water with detergent and then release it at very high pressure, which helps remove tough stains and dirt quickly.

Kiron Hydraulic Needs offers a variety of washing pumps designed to meet modern needs. Our pumps are efficient, easy to maintain, and suitable for different applications like washing cars, bikes, and trucks. They are used in gas stations, garages, industrial settings, and more. These pumps have single and triple-piston options for better cleaning and productivity.


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