Choosing a quality, reliable car wash can be harder than you think. Your vehicle is a valuable and perhaps very important asset to you. This is why any decision about the care, maintenance, and upkeep of your vehicle is crucial to its performance and value.

Kiron Hydraulic Needs is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure Car and Truck Washing and has developed a comprehensive line of high and medium-pressure washers. We have developed car washes with capacities from 1 HP to 40 HP and pressures from 20 bar to 200 bar. All necessary accessories such as high-pressure hose, trigger gun, relief valve, pressure relief valve, etc. Variable angle nozzle (VALVE nozzle) is also part of the pressure cleaning system. A high-pressure cleaner can also be supplied upon request.

We have excellent high-pressure car wash pumps called car wash and floor wash pump manufacturers, truck wash pump we have direct-coupled high-pressure industrial spray pumps with up to three-piston high-pressure industrial spray pumps if you want to wash two 2 or 3 to 16-wheeler vehicles, and you can wash anywhere with our car and truck wash pumps, we are very proud to present a wide range of car wash pumps that have gathered the appreciation of the vane pressurized water pump.

The price of high-pressure car wash pump offered by us is equipped with the latest equipment that makes it one of the best in the market. Its availability at the best prices in the industry has made it the preferred choice of millions of people across India. Our car wash pumps are well-known in the market for their excellent and good performance

A water inlet, a motor, a pump, a high-pressure hose, and an attachment/water outlet are all part of a pressure washing pump. The pump, which is powered by the motor, pumps, water through the water inlet. While being pumped, the water is mixed with detergent to ensure cleanliness-looking surfaces in no time! As the water and detergent mix, the temperature rises, resulting in the formation of a frothy solution.

Due to the pump, this solution now travels through the outlet pipe at extremely high pressures (100-200 times the pressure of the outside air). The outlet/extension will vary depending on the use to meet the needs. The combination of the high-pressure release and the detergent solution causes the breakdown and rapid removal of all types of stains and dirt from any surface.

Car washing is no longer a laborious task with the wide range of washing equipment available with Kiron Hydraulic Needs. Its range of washing pumps is engineered with advanced engineering to meet the most demanding requirements of contemporary users. Key Features Single and triple piston pumps for high performance. The ATW 03 single-piston car wash has dual guns for washing for greater productivity.

Higher water discharges up to 26.3 ppm higher mechanical efficiency, ensuring better cleaning. Benefits Require minimal maintenance and service. The heavy-duty motor ensures continuous washing operation. Laundry is done conveniently in less time. Applications Two-wheelers and four-wheelers Wash request. Widely used in gas stations, garages, feed boilers, steel mills, hydraulic presses, breweries, spraying, food processing, cement industry, and many applications.